Wooden Plank Board Black Wood Tar Paint Texture Detail Large Old Aged Dark Detailed Cracked Timber Rustic Macro Closeup Pattern Blank Empty Horizontal Rough Textured Copy Space Grunge Weathered Vintage Woodwork Painted Background

I remember as a kid collecting baseball cards, I would always lay them out on the floor, or my bed, and stand back and look at my full collection. Sort of a bird’s eye view. We decided to do that with our line of detail paint brushes. Our goal (born out of our painting frustrations) was to develop brushes that were for specific applications. We are pretty proud that as a small company,¬†surrounded by paint brush company giants, we have created solutions to problems they’ve never addressed. Brushes designed for your specific applications, to make your job easier. From the DIY furniture refinisher, to the paint pro, our brushes cross the broad spectrum of demand, with unmatched bristle performance, and, brush designs that meet every project demand you are tackling! From the spindles on an old chair to the window grids of your new home – we have the perfect brush. We hope this new infographic helps you quickly identify the right brush for your next project. Enjoy the collection!