UGO Design_Function

We love challenges at Zibra! From product-innovating the painting experience to product-innovating the shopping experience, we thrive on creating phenomenal experiences. We couldn’t be more excited to be launching, what we believe, will change grocery shopping forever.

Zibra’s latest greatest design is the shopping cart – the most important and impactful shopper touchpoint at retail. Because ours is the first redesign of the shopping cart in over 70 years it would be easy to highlight the fresh, clean and simple aesthetics. Or, perhaps boast about its intuitive mobility and convenience loading. Or, how about its ability to organize and its safety! BUT, because this cart is so much more exciting — the first thing consumers say when they use it?  I LOVE THE U GO!

They don’t say, “I like the U GO.” They don’t say, “It looks cool.” They say, “I LOVE THE U GO!”  As product innovators, we don’t need awards or accolades when the consumer response is that strong.  One day soon you will enjoy using the U GO in your favorite grocery store as much as we have enjoyed designing it.  Check out our U GO website to explore more information:

Mike Sherman, CEO